Sharing a flow with other people

Hi there

How can I share my Flow with other people?


Hi Liam,

Yes, you can share a Flow with other people! Whenever you create a Flow with Liberty RPA Studio you can save it to your PC. These files will automatically get the ‘.rpa’ extension. If you have the Liberty RPA software installed, you can easily recognize this filetype by its icon.


You can then proceed to share this file any way you like. The .rpa file contains everything you learned the bot, every activity with their properties, as well as the targets and anchors for the RPA Wand to work.

Do keep in mind however, that if you use the controller to safely get or set credentials from the Controller, these credentials are not stored within the .rpa file for security purposes. In this case, you can only get or set the credentials if the bot is connected to a Controller with the right permissions.

Good luck!