Shifts and rotas - display issues

We’ve recently started using the shifts and rotas module. We are all using it through Chrome. We have noticed a difference between users in how some of the menus display.

For example, to add an absence for an agent I click the dots to access the menu and the menu opens downwards and I can choose an option. For most of my colleagues when they click it the menu opens upwards. Most of the time this should be fine however if they are using agent filters to display just one agent or if they are using the agent whos name appears first alphabetically then the menu is obscured by the header at the top of the frame.

Any advice on why there is a difference between my experience and theirs and how to resolve this?


Hey, @coopera, very strange. I have played on my system and cannot re-create this. Is it possible to get some screenshots? I notice if I select an agent from the top(ish), it opens downwards. If I choose an agent from the bottom, it opens upwards, as expected. I cannot get the filters to obscure the menu either.

Here are my examples

Agent from the top

Agent From the bottom

With Filters

Thanks - Jonathan Redsell

We have just been playing about with Browser Zoom settings and adjusted the zoom level from 100% to 200% and back to 100%, and this caused a similar issue that you reported. We fixed this by simply refreshing the page.

So have you changed the Zoom level on your page (or have they) and changed it back? If they have, get them to refresh the page, and all should be back to normal.

I suspect it may be the zoom looking at what you’ve shown me as mine displays as per your earlier examples. I’ll go back to my colleagues and find out

Confirmed, zoom was their issue. Found having a minimum 5 lines in the schedule visible at one time was best, any less and they would potentially lose the top or bottom of the menu at some point.

Have recommended eye tests for those with the highest zoom applied. :smiley: