Softboard Customisation


Is there a way to customize the softboards like you can with Dashboards

One of our teams wants to “build their own” but I can’t see anywhere that you could customize this, or alter what you want to show.

Hi Lauren,

Whilst our softboard engine is highly configurable, the process for making changes is not something that could be undertaken by customers easily and therefore we do not provide any support around this.

However, we have made some recent enhancements to the upcoming release of Converse (5.6) to allow dashboards to be used instead of the old softboards. We have added new widgets which were previously only available to softboards and the dashboard can be be viewed in an optimised full screen mode suitable for running on big screens. This new release will be available to all Converse customers in the coming weeks.

Hope that helps.

Jonathan Gunner

Hi Jonathan,

Yes that helps, thank you.

With the enhancements, would a login be required on the wall monitors or is this something that can be linked using a URL similarly to softboards?

It would be good to avoid unnecessary agent creations where possible :slight_smile:


Hi Lauren,

Unfortunately, due to security requirements on the platform, access to any dashboards will still require an authenticated user account. If your system is setup for Single-Sign-On via Windows Integrated Authentication then this will be less of an issue because it will login automatically.

Many thanks