Softphone Issues

We have just deployed the embedded softphone out to some of our teams. There does not seem to be an option for a supervisor to listen to live calls if both parties are using the softphone though. It only gives the supervisor an option of " call me at " which would be an extension or inputted number. Are there plans to make the option to monitor when the supervisor is using softphone too ? as we would like all staff to be using it going forward.
There also seems to be a considerable delay in calls terminating with the agent after the calls have finished

Hi Ian,

Thanks for your feedback on the use of new embedded softphones. Currently this feature can only be used as an endpoint for agent calls. However we do have a feature on our roadmap to enhance this so that supervisors wanting to monitor an agent call can also use the embedded softphone for this purpose. Unfortunately I am currently unable to provide a timescale when this will be available.

With regards to your other point where agents are experiencing a delay when a call is terminated, can you please log a ticket with our support team so that this can be investigated.


Jonathan Gunner