Something for the weekend?

How about some Liberty Converse Contact Centre eLearning?

Two new courses have just been added to help you get the most out of your Liberty Converse.

The first is Liberty Converse Dialogues - How to enable and tag a reference number to a call and you can find it here.

The objective of the course is to learn how to use Dialogue Builder to enable an agent to enter a reference number that is then searchable within the Interactions Report. The Agent can enter the number in the Agent desktop during the interaction with the caller.

Within Liberty Converse you can assign up to two Caller Reference numbers that can be stored against an interaction.

Storing them against an interaction will enable these reference numbers to become searchable fields within the Interaction Reports within the Liberty Converse Contact Centre reports.

The second course, which is very topical at the moment with Christmas rushing in, is Liberty Converse Platform - How to manage Timeplan Date lists and you can find it here.

Timeplan Date Lists are used throughout Liberty Converse for applying a list of dates to Timeplans.

Timeplans are used within:

  • Dialogues
  • CallBack/CallMeBack Queues
  • Notify

The most common use of Timeplan Date Lists is for managing Bank Holiday Dates. The idea being that you can assign the Timeplan Date List to a Timeplan and then amend a single Timeplan Date List that will update all Dialogues, CallBack queues and Notify applications that reference that particular date list.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Accessing Timeplan Date Lists
  • Editing a Timeplan Date List
  • Deleting a Timeplan Date List
  • Adding/Cloning Timeplan Date Lists

Enjoy your weekend!

It’s come to my attention that a few members have had some problems accessing the eLearning portal.

We have done some homework and you should all be able to access it OK now.
If any of you still has a problem then just fill in a Help request or ping an email to

Has the person responsible been dealt with? Probably!

Cheers, Tony