Sub-Page Issue 10.4

Hi guys, I am trying to use a sub-page from an action link (delete). I created the subpage with a nugget widget display the id os the item I am deleting, just to test that the context is correct. But when setting the action link prompt to sub-page and entering the newly created sub-page, The link becomes unavailable in the app, ‘sub-page unavailable’. Any assistance appreciated. Thanks, Bob.

Hi Bob,

I’ve replicated the same functionality, adding an action link within a list widget to display a confirmation sub page when clicked, and have the same ‘sub page unavailable’ message. The sub page does display however if the action link is clicked from within the record itself though.

I’ll raise a bug as i can’t see a reason why the sub page shouldn’t display from the list widget.I’ll keep you updated.


Hi Fabio,
is there any update on this?