Time Based Subsets

Hello All

My name is Kurt and i’m part of the Netcall Training Team. Recently we received a question for Liberty Create from a delegate completing their Level 1 Builder Essentials Certification assignment.

The question seems to be a popular one we receive. So I would like to publish the question and answer to the community to assist other builders in the future.

The question:

“How do I create a subset which encompasses records within a time window? For example, Create a subset for records which are within 7 days of it’s creation date.”

This solution will apply to any date field, be it the Date Create attribute or a Date property within an Object.

Step 1) Create a composite to capture what the current date is – This will define what today is for the use in step 2.

  • Add Composite
    • Name: Current Date
    • Base Object: Your case object or the object where your records will be located
    • Type: Function
    • Function: Current date

Step 2) Create a composite which will output the date of 7 days minus today’s date – This lets the platform know what the last date of the 7 day window is.

  • Add Composite
    • Name: 7 days before today’s date
    • Base Object: Your case object
    • Type: Function
    • Function: Subtract interval (returns date)
    • Field: Current Date
    • Interval subject: Use default – days
    • Interval value: 7

Step 3) Create a subset to use your two new composites to see if the record creation date is greater than the 7th day prior to today’s date.

  • Add Subset
    • Name: Active cases within 7 days of today
    • Base Object: Your case object
    • Defined by: Predefined filters
    • Predefined Filtered Tab:
    • Add Condition:
      • Field: Date Created
      • Comparator: Greater than
      • Value: (Click on the {n} to set this) 7 days before today’s date (subset)

That It! Once created, apply the subset to a list.

Hope someone finds this useful!


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