Toolbar icon not displaying in small screens


I have encountered an issue where trying to make our interface dynamic to mobile devices.
We have a “notifications” icon in the toolbar that we cannot seem to get to display on small screens.
The “< li >” nav-item keeps on getting the class “d-md-none-down” which defaults to “display: none !important;” where the media is under 991.98px.

I have tried bypassing the setting but I am not able to do so.
Is there any work around for this?

Hi @Cassablanca, I should be able to point you in the right direction, but will need to confirm, is your application using a theme pack to replace the header?

If so, you should be able to remove that class from the

  • element from the header.vue file in your theme pack.

    If not, I may need a screenshot of the HTML of the toolbar area to advise on CSS that will need to be added to the late stylesheet.