Training new contact centre staff on telephones

How do people go about training new staff, particularly them listening in to live calls or colleague listening to them?
When we had phones on desks this was fairly easy but we now have voip and headsets, as well as the complication of home working etc, so not as straight forward. So we wondered what other people do.
Thank you

We also use soft phones and have purchased some USB splitters from our headset supplier to accommodate side-by-side listening. Please see the link below as an example of what you could use. Hope this helps.
USB-A | Binaural Splitter Headset Training Bundle | 2 Users | eBay

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Hi there, I have recently made a suggestion to Netcall to create a product which allows call and screen monitoring alongside chat for training purposes. However, at the moment we use the ‘Supervisor Monitoring Function’. You can create a user role with just the permission ‘Monitor agent calls’ enabled. Assign this to the user, this way the agent can listen in to calls, however they cannot see the screen or speak to the trainer. It isn’t ideal! We have used this alongside Teams for our home workers training.
Thanks :slight_smile: