Transfer to Entity based on a caller entering their USER ID

I thought this might be of use to some community members out there.

Today I received an email from a customer asking, " how can I transfer to an entity based on a caller entering a unique code for that Entity?" An excellent example of this is a police customer asking the caller to enter the warrant number of the officer they want to contact.

So what is needed, and how can you do this?

Firstly your Entities need a UserID. A User ID is a numerical number you add to your Entities within the Account Information screen. You can manually add a User ID or have it synced as part of your data synchronisation rules. In this example, the users Warrant number is their UserID.


Next, you need a Dialogue and a way of asking a caller to enter a number. A Number Entry Block is great for this.

In the below image, I add a Number Entry Block, with a prompt to the caller, setting 6 digits as the number of digits I want to capture and then telling it to Go To a New Query Block (I gave this a name of Check Warrant Number). I also store the number entered as a Variable by typing in %WarrantNumber% in the Store the result in field. (When you use %value%, this stores a value as a Variable that you can then use within your Dialogue).

I don’t need to set anything else in this example, so I tell the block to hang up if a caller doesn’t do anything after repeating the initial prompt 3 times. Then press OK to save.

Next, I go to my new Query Block, use the Service dropdown list at the top, and select Lookup Directory Entry by UserID (as I now want to search for the Entity based on their UserID (which matches the warrant number entered). The Input parameter I want to look for is my Warrant Number variable. I can either type in the Variable %WarrantNumber%, or I can click on the Variable button and select it from there.

I now need to store my query result in another Variable. I add in %OfficerName% and then set if the query is successful, go to: a New Call Transfer Block that I call, Transfer to Officer. Then click OK.

Finally, I need to set my Transfer Block to Call a Directory Entry and then click on the Variable box and select from the list of options the %variable.displayName% like this in the image below.

Then I click OK.

When clicking on the Variable button, this is what is displayed when selecting the OfficerName Variable.

As you can see, you can also select other information if required.

So that is how you can use a Number Entry Block to enter a number, to then use a Query Block to query an Entity based on a UserID to then Transfer to the current location of that Entity within your directory.