Transferring a Call and Busy Codes


I’m looking for advice regarding call transfers.
When logged into Converse our Supervisors usually spend most of their time on a busy code.
If an Agent requires assistance they transfer the call to the Supervisor.
As the Supervisor is on a busy code the call is transferred directly, so the Supervisor does not see the call details on screen.
The challenge we have is the Supervisor may wish to transfer the call back to the Agent but this is not possible.

We have considered;

  • Using the ‘Supervisor Assistance’ function, however this notifies all logged in Supervisors. We ideally would want to be able to target this notification. For example only the ‘General Enquiry Supervisor’
  • Having the Supervisor ‘Make Ready’, however there is a risk they are presented a new call if there is a queue.

Do you have any suggestions?

Hi @Karl one option could be to remove the skills from the supervisors this way they will not get an interaction and when they need to take interactions then they can add the skills back in.

Alternatively if supervisors do want to take interactions if the queue is busy perhaps using the minimal skill and set the timer to a long wait such as 300 seconds (5 minutes) that way they will only be presented with an interaction if the wait time is over 5 minutes (or what ever time you set this to).

Would either of these options work for you?

Thanks @JonathanRedsell
I think we would be able to make one of these work for us.
Are you able to set the minimal skill timer on a specific queue or is this only at group level?.

Hi @Karl it is per group.

We’ve put our supervisors as agents in a specific supervisor group so they can always be logged in, ready and able take escalation calls. They also have a specific queue in case their usual supervisor isnt available. This has also helped by making sure that supervisor availability doesn’t interfere with other MI in the main customer service centre group. The only downside we have found so far is that calls made or escalated to supervisors doesn’t appear in the interaction matches in the main CSC

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