Trim or separate text in a 'Text single line' property

Does anyone know how to trim or separate text in a ‘Text single line’ property?

I want to display only the first three letters of the ‘Vehicle registration number’ property.

Thank you

Hi. You can create a Composite using the “Substring” function that returns the first three characters of your selected field.

Hi Mihiri,

It is possible to create a composite which uses the function of substring and by setting the From position to 1 and then the Number of Characters to 4 (to make sure that you allow for all number plate types). This can then be used on a fields changed or via a signal and rule to copy the first 4 characters into a new property with a type of single line text on the same object.

This new single line text, containing the trimmed value, can then be used to display the trimmed value as a replacement for the existing full character value.


Thanks Simon and Bob. I will have a look.