Trying to display a list of services on Central Dashboard

Hi there,

I am trying to displaying a list of Cases that can be accessed from Central.

I am able to get the list of cases we have displayed but the URL for every link is the same. I had a look at the composite used to get the titles ( Remote Service Enquiry Link) but I can’t see much wrong with it
Screenshot 2022-06-22 130737

I can see that the link isn’t going to Host where the Cases are contained but not sure how to create a link them.

I hope I am making some sense with this problem!


Another thing, when I click on the link I get the error message ‘Invalid Navigation Parameters’ which would make sense as it’s definitely not going to the right place.

Hi Craig,
This sounds like something I came across recently: there should be a presenter, e.g. “Create New Service Request” / “Create Service Info Enquiry” / “Service Reporting Host Links” depending on exactly where it is you’re trying to do get to in the host.

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Hi Phil,
Thanks for the suggestion. Should I combine the Presenter choice with Link and Link To? With just the Presenter it all seems to be going to the same place.

The “Remote Service Enquiry Link” composite with the “Create Service Info Enquiry” presenter is what is on the “out-of-the-box” CitizenHub service info page; whereas the “Remote Service ID as Link (Remote Services”) composite is paired with the “Create New Service Request” on the “New Service Request” page.

Link/Link to are not going to have an effect, as you’re jumping between applications (Central → Host app), and those items can’t see the end locations.

I am assuming that you want to do something in the respective host with those links? You’re not, say, wanting to go to their Service Info page while staying in Central?