Two linked pubic web pages

Hi all,

I have be battling with this all day… and in my head its rather simple, i must be missing something.

I need a Form and a List, and i need them to both be accessible to the public.

I have created 2 objects, Case [Process] and a Case [data] and set them to a one to one relation with the central Case object (i need access to the address look up). I have created the form and the list but I cant get the List to show the Data filled in on the form.

now should i just skip the link to the Central Case and just make a Case object and link it to the address mapping, or is there a way to get around how i have done it to begin with?

Hi @WilliamADC,

It sounds like the list might not be pointed at the correct object. The listing page should have no base object, and the search widget should be the central Case object. Then you want to have this limited via a subset of just the Case type or types that you want to appear.

I hope this helps,


Great, can i just confirm then,

Form should be:

Base object - Case with a relation to my Case [Data] - form widget/fields

List Should be:

No base object - Case [Data] - List Widget/fields.

Hi @WilliamADC

Yes that’s correct


hmm, that’s not working :slight_smile: and on my page list I am getting unsuitable, what causes that?

both pages are public web pages.

Thanks for you help!

Hi @WilliamADC,

Apologies, i may have confirmed something that wasn’t correct. The listing page should have no base object and the List widget should be central CASE object, then when you go to list the Data your fields should be Central CASE - CASE [DATA]


Hi Anthony,

After a impressive rage quit,
I deleted everything and remade it and it works. Thanks for your help!

Does the case created need to be an interface to allow for a details page? I cant seem to connect the new cases in the list to there records to view on another page?

Re your last question, you cannot use a Public Webpage to view a context record, you would need to link either to an Interface page (and the user would need to login), or an Authenticated Webpage (no login required).
If using the latter bear in mind though that if your listing page is public, any records you link to from it will also be public and available to anyone, which may not be desirable depending on the use case.