Unable to select custom time for report

I am trying to report on calls taken between a certain date/time using the custom option, I can set the date of the report but not the time, for example I wish to report between certain hours of a day there is a red circle with a line through when trying to set the time

So the custom date option allows you to select only via that date range (entire days only). Using the custom option does not allow you to choose a time only - such as only showing me all calls between 10 am, and 11 am on this date range.

Are you looking for a particular statistic in particular? There may be another way to display the information.

Let us know.



Hello Jonathan

thank you for the reply, no i am unable to select a date range and time, for instance if I need to know how many calls were taken 17:30 Mon-08:00 Tues on a historical date say the previous month I cannot select the time only the date range

Hi Robert, yes, when selecting a custom date, you cannot select a time as it will return all times in those date ranges.

However, depending on the report - you can change the view. For example, I can run a Queue Summary report for the Dates of Monday and Tuesday last week. Then change the view from Queue to Hour. This report then gives me all interactions per hour for each Queue I have selected. The Interaction Volume report also displays the same information in a different format.

If you want to look at data in 15-30 minute intervals, you would need to download the Interaction Report and use an application like Excel or PowerBI (there is also an API Key to enable you to do this directly within 3rd party applications) and use this to manipulate the data further.

Please let me know if you need further assistance on this.



Hello Jonathan I have tried to replicate your actions but I am only able to change the time for today or yesterday I still get the red circle with a line through it when trying to select time on any other reports

Hi Robert - Yes, that is correct. You cannot change the time by selecting a date. You can however change the view column in the reports for how the data is displayed.

For example. I am using the Interactions Volume Report.

Then I change the View by from Queue to Hour.

This example shows the number of calls per hour

I can also do a similar thing using a Queue Summary using the View by Time and Interval of Hour

Which displays the following.

Please let me know if this solves the issue or not.



Hello Jonathan I will have to find a way of using excel I think, we have a password reset line that takes over from the service desk out of hours and I need to run a historical report from 17:30-08:00 on various days/weeks, I am wanting to build the report to see if the SLA was achieved

Hi Robert, if you are looking for SLA on this particular Queue. You could create an “Out of Hours Password Reset Queue” and then use the Timeplan (or create a Timeplan) to route to this Queue when out of Hours - this can still use the same Skill, so there would be no need to switch that over. Then set the SLA for that Queue, and the reporting will automatically show you the SLA for those calls to those Queues.

Would this be of benefit?