Undelivered outbound emails


At the moment, notification of undelivered emails are captured in Outloook but not in Netcall (for example, an incorrect email address).

Is there a way in Netcall how these emails can be picked up and the User is notified directly? The User can be idenfidied through their User login?


Hi @Mpatel Undeliverable messages are a hard one. These can be accepted by Liberty Converse as long as they are sent to the mailbox being looked after by Liberty Converse but also ensuring you have rules setup to handle these emails.

Can the system notify the sender? sadly not. Currently there is nothing in email that will allow you to select an Agent based on the email, without setting up a lot of rules (and queues) I.E. if Email Contains {Agent Name} then route to Agent Queue.

However, it’s not to say this isn’t doable and it is something I know is being looked at on how you could achieve this sort of functionality.

Could I ask that you pop this as an Idea in the Ideas Portal with the reasons for selecting a preferred Agent and our Dev teams can then take a look at it.

Many thanks.