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I am a supervisor who is trying to have a better understanding of the reports on Netcall Liberty. I can see from your Netcall Academy there are guides on how to run reports, share reports and schedule reports. However there is no guidance on understanding some of the terminology used in the reports. For example Audit Log showing Rejected During Whisper (SIP 200).

I use the agent summary to see how many calls are rejected and then the Audit Log to dive deeper, and they don’t seem to correlate in their figures so I would like a better understanding and breakdown of the terminology used, and a breakdown of the different types of rejected calls.

Thank you

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This is something I would be very interested in knowing about too.

Unfortunately, it is not practical for us to document the many hundreds of potential events that can appear in the Agent Audit Report. However, if you provide me with some specific examples that you are unsure about, I would be happy to explain them.

The one you mention in your original message “Rejected during whisper” can happen when an agent hangs up on the call they just have received whilst the system is playing the whisper message to them, for example they hang-up when they hear “You have a call for Customer Services”. The system will then re-queue the call to the next available agent.

Hope that helps.

Jonathan Gunner.

Hi Jonathan,
Is there any report where you can see if the advisor is physically rejecting the call or if it were system issues causing the rejection?

HI Cheryl, you can use the Agent Summary report, this shows you the Rejected number of calls. These would show you how many agents rejected a call. The Agent Audit Log then shows you the reasons (I.E. Agent went busy, or ended during whisper).

Most rejected calls are because of the agent, Missed calls due to no answer/busy/failure which are also listed in the Agent Summary report, would look for more system related issues.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you for that Jonathan, it just appears to be causing some confusion for myself as the advisors are on auto answer and the ability to reject the call during whisper isn’t there to best of my knowledge. I have also found that I use the agent audit log report and for example saw 24 rejected calls for one advisor but then when I have gone to the agent summary, can only see 3.

What I can see in the agent summary is that if an advisor is trying to ring another department and they don’t answer or the advisor cuts the call off as it has been ringing for while this is reflecting as rejected is that the case?

Thank you

Was great to speak to you earlier and help clear things up a little.

Just to advise others who may be interested. The Agent Summary Report shows how many Calls your Agent is presented with and then breaks each down based on the response. Answered, No Answer, Busy, Failed and Rejected.

To understand why a call was rejected you can look at the Agent Audit Log which in the most part will provide you with the reason why a call was Rejected. In this instance the customer is using an auto answer feature on their phone system. Some Agents had shown as Rejected in Whisper. the Whisper is the small delay between the call being answered by an Agent and then connecting the caller (this is prevalent even if you don’t use whisper prompts, and is typically about half a second, you will know when this part of the call setup is over due tot he Agent receiving a beep in their ear).

The reason for this Rejected code would be that the call ended (the Agent hung up) before the Beep. This protects the call and they are requeued (so not hung up on).

Other Rejected possibilities are because the Agent went on a Busy Code before answering and also logging out again before answering. These would be highlighted in the Audit Log with actions showing Busy/Logout around the Rejected event.

There are other reasons for Rejected calls that would impact from the Agent side that may just be listed as Rejected, this would indicate something happening on the client phone side at the time of the call being presented that didn’t have and answer but as we did not receive a reason that is compatible it is hard to tell why, and you should look at the client side application logs on your 3rd party Softphone to see what might be going on.

As always if anyone has any questions on reports then please do let us know.

Many thanks.

Jonathan Redsell.

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