Updated Modules for 2020.1

We have recently been updating the CH Framework to improve the way in which services are created including

  • Generic components for People, Addresses and Document uploads.

  • Enhancements to Case Details in the Portal

  • Enhanced Reporting of all Cases across the framework

As a result of these enhancements and an upgrade to support the 2020.1 release of Liberty Create we have reconfigured the existing CH Modules, these will be uploaded to the AppShare over the next week. The first of these has been uploaded today for Abandoned Vehicles. All updated modules will display the Updated tag on the module.

Following feedback from our recent ‘Ask the Expert’ session we have agreed to keep the 10.3 versions of Modules available on the AppShare alongside the new 2020.1 versions until the end of November at which time the 10.3 versions will be removed.