Updating the Marquee Widget

Good morning everyone,

We just upgraded Converse from 5.8 to 5.10. One of the features we were keen to try out was the Marquee widget for flagging up important updates/changes in the systems we support.

I’ve added the widget and posted a reminder about a change being implemented today, However, from what I can see, the only way to update the message on the screens displaying that dashboard is to go and manually refresh the page.

I would assume that the widget would periodically poll the server to check for updates, but it doesn’t seem to be doing that.
I’ve not spotted anything in the docs that clarifies either way.
Have I missed something obvious?!

Apparently this is related to whether you’re using a browser or the agent desktop.

The agent desktop should automatically update whereas the browser version will require a manual reload of the page to pick up new messages.

We’re using browser (Chrome) for the big TVs on the wall because that enables full-screen viewing which the version of the agent desktop we currently have deployed (5.8.10) doesn’t seem to.