Updating variables with an API (from Create)

Is it possible to update a variable within Converse from an API? - specifically from Create.

We’d like to explore using Liberty Create to manage aspects within Converse. There are two user cases that come to mind:

  1. A dialogue transfers a call to an external number, would it be possible to have the destination number saved within a variable that could be updated via an API from Create.

  2. The ability to activate a closure message via Create.

I’d like to hear from anyone that may be able to support us!.

Hi Karl,

Thanks for your submitting your enquiry. Both of those use cases could easily be implemented by using a Query Block in Dialogue Builder to query an API implemented in Create to return the required data and use a Logic Block to make decisions based on that. The Create API will need to support a SOAP based web service and this should be possible. Please refer to the Create teams for assistance with this. Please come back to me if you need help on how to do this in Dialogue Builder.

Kind regards

Jonathan Gunner