Uploading To Amazon (AWS) S3 Bucket Via Event Action

We are trying setup the use of some AWS S3 storage to archive files from our Liberty Create apps. The S3 bucket is ready to use and we have tried to use the event action available on the app share, however it doesn’t appear to work.


Using this event action out of the box we recieve an error response from the AWS API of “The request signature we calculated does not match the signature you provided. Check your key and signing method.”

Has anyone else had success using this event action? or have you modified it / created your own and would be willing to share code?

Many Thanks,
Oliver Carr

Morning Oliver,

I created the Amazon S3 Integration Event Action for another customer. It is working well for them but the challenge of creating the authentication digest is fragile and it may be something about the way in which you’ve set your paths that may have broken the digest creation.

Please private message me with your contact details and availability and I’ll see if I can’t assist you quickly with it.