Use ADDRESS:Geopoint composite for mapping related object records

I’m on Liberty Create 2023.1 and use Central and Hosts.

I have an object in my host that has a one-to-one relationship with the Address and Property Details (remote) object for associating an address.

Address and Property Details (remote) has a composite called ADDRESS:Geopoint of type Geopoint.

This composite can be added to a List widget to show the location associated with the base record.

If I want to show a map of all locations of the base object records, I can only select actual properties, eg Postcode, the composite doesn’t seem to be available even though it is a composite of type Geopoint. If I create a property on the base object called Location and populate it using an add/update/remove rule with the composite, then I can use that for my map to show all records.

That does seem a bit long-winded though compared to the composite just being an actual property that’s maintained in Central and sync-ed through to the remote object in each host. It means, not only do I need to replicate this rule in each host I want to use similar mapping functionality, but it also means I need to replicate it for each object within the host as well that might need it since I can’t just append another property called Location onto the Remote address object.

The simpler, and better, fix might be to just allow Geopoint composites to be useable as map marker locations, since this would allow for any geopoint composites created within hosts too.

Hi, what type of composite is it, and what is it being used for exactly, instead of a Property?

Hi Bob,

I have a Property object in my Supported Living host application. These Property records have a variety of information relating to them, including an address.
The address is selected using a postcode address lookup presenter of the Address And Property Details(remote) object records relation selector (I think it’s a copy of the presenter used in Central) - the postcode is entered, click Search, addresses on that postcode are shown in the dropdown and one is selected by the user.
The Property object in host has a one-to-one relationship with the Address And Property Details (remote) object.
In the host there is a composite called ADDRESS:Geopoint which is a text function composite that uses the latitude and longitude from Address And Property (remote) to create a Geopoint.
I was then trying to use this geopoint composite to show a map of all my Supported Living properties so that any could be clicked and the user taken to the details page for that particular supported living property.
However, the geopoint composite doesn’t seem to be listed in the properties available for use in the Map widget.