Use of multiple targets on a timer based on subset membership

I am trying to add timers to cases that have SLAs based on which subset a case is a member of. In order that the performance against the SLAs can be shown in the list of cases, I think I need to add a target for each Subset on one timer, otherwise, as far as I can tell, I would need to add a column for a timer for each Subset, which would be really messy.

Does anyone now how or if I can do this?

Hi Richard,

Not sure I understand the question fully, but are you saying all your timers are configured and working, it’s just the display that is an issue?

If you are displaying them on a list, I did a quick bit of coding for a colleague that could be reproduced. Basically he had values on a list only one of which should appear on each row so the display was all over the place. The code simply shifted them all left so the ones that were present all lined up and the blank spaced moved to the end of the row.

If I understand right, PM me and we can adjust the code to fit your needs!


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I haven’t configured them all yet, as I realised that I was going to have a display issue after the first one and hoped that there may be a more elegant solution…

I may well be in touch!