USer can only delete their own notes

Hi all

I know i’ve done this before, but having a bit of a mental block today.

I have a list of notes on a case, each note has a relationship to the user who created it.

I have a delete button on the list, but want the user to only be able to delete their own notes.

Been playing around with the user visibility relationship, and user visibility subsets, but not found a solution yet.

Please can someone advise?

Hi Kevin,
I am looking into it at the moment and will find out why the ‘User Visibility Relationship’ field is not working for you. It seems like the right field to config what you are trying to achieve here i.e. limit user’s access to the ‘delete’ link based upon who added the note.
If you can drop me an email with the screenshot of your data modeller (or part of it) which shows relationship between Note and User object that’d be very helpful. In any case I’ll replicate and suggest a solution asap.

Hi Kevin,

Here is a way to achieve what you are trying to do:
Make sure the base object of the page where the ‘Delete’ button resides is ‘Notes’ object. Select the ‘Delete’ action link and set the ‘User visibility relationship’ from ‘User’ object to ‘Notes’ object.
Please check the following screenshot for clarity.

Once that is done it should not show the delete link for a user who is not the ‘writer’ of that note.

For example, in the following screenshot, a note was added by a user (Asif Kundi) but when another user who is logged in as ‘Tim Cook’ opens the pop up window to view and delete the note, he gets a message (you don’t have permission etc) instead of the delete button.

Please feel free to drop me an email should you require more assistance.

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Thanks Asif, would be good if a patch could be done to get that working on the list too, but it’s a good enough solution for now.