User permissions for softboard maintenance

We have a user who is a supervisor and we want to give them permission to edit their softboard but not necessarily give full administrator access. I know I could create a role for them but I can’t find where the softboard permission sits.
Any advice really appreciated.

HI Cathy, you can indeed create a role that only allows for the Add/Edit/Delete of Dashboards.

This role falls under the System Type. So when you add a new Role, you can select the System option from the drop-down menu and then the option you want to enable is

Then you can give it a nice meaningful name such as - Dashboard Admin or something like that and assign that to your user.

Just to note though. This permission cannot be set to only 1 dashboard, it will give them the ability to Add/Edit/Delete all Dashboards on your system, currently there is no way to set these permissions to specific dashboards.

Hope this helps.



Thank you for this, I have a Dashboard role which she is part of but her department have a good olf Softboard too and it’s this she wants to edit.
I know I can get in to edit the softboard but I have full access to everything, what access would she need for Softboard editing.

As long as they have a user account and a permission that allows
that is all they need.

Remember they will need to log out and back in again for the permission to take effect.