Using adobe fonts in themepack


Does anyone know how to use adobe fonts in a themepack, I’ve tried appending the link elements to the head of the document when the themepack mounts but that doesn’t seem to work.

Hi Ewan, I have reached out for advice on this matter and will report back as soon as I get an answer for you. Regards - Mark

Hi Ewan

Firstly I’m assuming you’re using the adobe webfont service. You can probably go down the route of putting the provided <link> into the head. I tend to use the @import and put it in the ‘early’ stylesheet. Eg:

  @import url("");

Either way, the crucial step is to:

  1. Open up the firewall and access profiles (security > firewall and access profiles) for the interfaces you’re using (usually Interface and Webpage)

  2. Click into the Domains tab and click Add new to create a new row for your service, adding the domain [] and toggling the checkboxes for CSS and Fonts.

And then reference your fonts in the usual way :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,

Paul Edmonds

Hi Paul,

I completely forgot about the early stylesheet, putting the link in there has done the trick.

Thanks for your help,