Using default and custom chat launchers at the same time

Hi, we’re using a custom chat launcher on one of our websites which seems to be working well.
We’re also embedding the chat into a separate website we have but may have to use the default launcher there.
Is it possible to use a custom launcher and the default launcher simultaneously?
When I test, turning on the default launcher replaces the custom one.
I know we can use multiple custom launchers but would it be possible to have more flexibility around this?


Hi there - yes, it is possible to use the custom launcher in one place and the default launcher in another. Here’s how…

I would suggest hiding the default launcher in your Web Assistant config and supplying the widget with details of the custom launcher in your first website, as described here: - it sounds like this is what you’ve already done, which is great.

Then on your second website where you want to use the default launcher, update the code snippet for initialising the widget, so that it looks like this:

<script>Connect.init({ workspaceId: '<your-workspace-id>', widget: { useDefaultLauncher: true } });</script>

This snippet will override the the Web Assistant config and force it to display the default launcher.
Hope that helps!


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