Using emoji's with text (multi line) fields

We have a page where we’re expecting users to do a lot of copy/pasting from emails. We also envisage a situation where these emails might contain emojis. We want to ensure LC handles these emojis properly.

At the moment, when saving text in a Text (multi line) field that contains an emoji, the emoji, and any subsequent text is cropped. Therefore…

“this is :+1: a test”

…is saved as…

“this is”

Is there a way to better handle this?

Ideally, we’d want the text to remain as it was, with the emoji included. If we could save the text with the emoji converted into it’s characters, “:)” etc, or the emoji being removed, but maintaining the rest of the text in it’s entirety, would also be options for us.

Thanks is advance


Good Morning Stephen,

Would you be so kind as to forward me one such email please. Your example above has the emoji as an embedded image…

…and not as an emoji in unicode U+1F44D. :+1: