Using REST API to obtain number agents is ready state


We would like to extract a live figure for the number of agents in ready state of a particular group. We wish to display this as a live metric on an Intranet site. Is this possible?

I have searched the guidance on the available REST API resources and none seem to cover agent status.


HI @DanielWhite1 unfortunately there is not an API for this.

Although not idea one way to do what you are looking to do is create a dashboard with the stats for the Contact Centre you want and then use the IFrame widget to display the external stats and information to that dashboard - then share this dashboard with an account to login - I have asked if we are going to allow dashboards to be displayed without an account and I have been told its on a list so figures crossed for that one.

Hope this helps.

Kind Regards.


Thanks Jonathan. We will give it a go.