Using the Download Zip File Widget

Hi guys, I have downloaded the Download Zip File Widget from the appstore and cannot get it to download files. I have a page with base object of ‘invoice’ and on that page I show the invoice details, and a list of files related to that invoice. invoice one-2-many invoice files. The listing shows the related files. the invoice files object is a ‘file’ type object. When I install the download zip file widget and press the download button, I get a downloaded file with a null record, not the 2 files I expected. Have I missed something in the setup, if so, any assistance appreciated. Thanks, Bob.

I can download the files individually from the list,

Hi Bob, long time no speak. I hope all is well with you. Thanks for the heads up on this one. What platform version are you running? I’ll run this by the Author and get back to you here once I have an answer.

Best Regards - MP

HI Mark, how are things with you, as you can see, I’ve moved on from Roc, and all is well in the world. We are on version 2022.1 Mark. Thanks, Bob.

Hi Mark, I think I’ve found our issue. We have our file containing properties ‘file’ and ‘filename’ and we are using those rather than the attributes of the same names. Can you confirm that the widget needs the attribute fields populated? Thanks again, Bob.

Hi Bob, yes the zip file downloader only supports files stored in a file object currently.
Are you able to utilise a file object?

Hi Adam, we are using a file type object, but we are not using the file and filename attributes, which is why I think it’s not working for us. Thanks, Bob.

That’s a surprisingly common mistake, using the attributes gives you many advantages such as file size, mime type, thumbnails and document previews.

We will look to add support for downloading from File Properties in the future.

That would be great Adam, Thanks, Bob.

Hi Adam, I have data using the attributes of file and filename, but the downloader is returning an empty file. I have a list widget set as invoice one2many invoice files and it shows 296 rows, using the same invoice one2many invoice files I’ve added the download widget to my page and get the result stated above. Any assistance appreciated. As said before, the file is a ‘file’ filetype and we are running on 2022.1, thanks Bob

Hi Bob,

Can you post a snapshot of the right hand pagebuilder settings area for the widget please. I appreciate your list widget is one to many but are you sure the zip file widget is. The Zip File Widget is independent of anything else on the page and is dependent on finding the relationship path and the parent record id.

These are the setting Adam, the subset is to only pick up those files that are related to an invoice. Thanks, Bob
Second post coming with the remaining settings.

Got it now Adam, thanks for the assistance. Bob

Where had you gone wrong, would be useful to know, just in case I can provide additional documentation to help others avoid the same trap.

Hi Adam, The issue I had was I thought I could pick up all the files, not just those relating to a single invoice. Once I put it on a page showing details of a single invoice it downloaded those files correctly. Bob

Hi Bob,

I have recently modified the widget so it can be used directly against an object without a relationship path. If @mark.pearson has updated the AppShare you should now be able to retrieve all files in the object without a parent object being required.

Great Adam, I’ll download it next week and give it a try.