Using the Netcall Community to help with changing processes or services due to COVID-19

Hi all
Clearly things are tough at the moment, and will be for some time, so we wanted to remind everyone that our Community is here to support agility, working in very strange circumstances, and the need to adapt quickly.

Here at Netcall we are looking at how we can help. Indeed, this week, we have released to the Community a free Accelerator for emergency alerting. Take a look here, and, as always, please modify and extend as you see fit, and share it again. You will need to subscribe to our SMS service, so get in touch with your Account Manager if you don’t already subscribe. The good news for Local Government or NHS customers is you can send SMS via Gov.Notify. You just need to give us a few bits of info and we can set that up for you. Again, just ask your Account Manager.

We plan to release more AppShare content as and when we can, but this is a team effort. We need your help, feedback and ideas.

We are all in this together and we want to encouraging all of our Community users to share as much as they can, be that an App, a way of working that helps, a specification or idea for something, or an experience you have had and want to share.

Maybe you may have already created an app to manage deliveries, take orders online, or manage contingent workers or volunteers? Well why not share it, or, if you have a great idea for an Create App but just don’t have resource to build it, just share the specification or idea on this blog post, and one of the Community team, or another Community user can pick it up and run with it so we all get the benefit.

Stay safe all, and let’s work together to get as positive an outcome as we can to this!

Right, I’m off to Tesco to see whether I can get some essentials like toilet roll, baked beans and Merlot!

Cheers, Tony


Nice mind reading @tony.norman just today I’ve been in touch with Notify and also our Netcall PM about SMS packages. The emergency alerting Accelerator sounds suitable too.
Cheers Craig

PS I’ll forward my SMS questions to our account manager as I think the PM is unavailable.


Just to add we are planning on doing an online show and tell session soon so all can see how to set this Accelerator up quickly and get the most from it. We also have more Accelerators planned to help with COVID-19 challenges, we will roll them out as soon as we can. In the mean time if you have any ideas for Accelerators that would help, or you have built something already, PLEASE SHARE!!

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Hi I think some systems could benefit from users being able to update their own status regarding COVID-19. Am unable to package up as a module due to my development system age, however this could be picked up if needed by others.

I have added a form to the My Details page available from the user avatar in the top corner of all systems. The form allows the user to update various details about their current status regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. These details are stored in a one2one relation with the user and asks questions such current ‘wellness’ Social Distancing status and availability.

This data can then be used to monitor the effect of the pandemic on the workforce, and to get availability status. At least one Blue light customer has already asked for similar functionality to monitor/support Officers.

The postcode can be used for mapping (hotspots) and availability on a map.

The choice field options I have used are:


  • Sick
  • Recovered
  • Unaffected
  • Symptomatic


  • Available
  • Unavailable

Current Working Status

  • Working from home
  • Working in the Community
  • Unable to Work

Social Distancing Status

  • Advised: Self Isolating - 7 Days
  • Advised: Self Isolating - 14 Days
  • Advised: Self Isolating - 12 Weeks
  • Advised: Self Isolating - More than 12 Weeks
  • Personal Choice: Self Isolating
  • Personal Choice: Social Distancing Only
  • Personal Choice: Ignoring all Official Recommendations

Covid-19 Status

  • Tested - Negative
  • Tested - Positive
  • Not Tested
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Brilliant Denis, drop me a message tomorrow and we can get your app updated so you can extract the functionality as a module for anyone in the Community who might find it valuable. Thanks for giving up your weekend to work on it.

Hi @denis.combs. In case you didn’t know, you can just click on Richard’s name, at the top of his reply, to send him a direct message.
Cheers, Tony

This looks brilliant @denis.combs - nice work :slight_smile:

I’m sure there would be a few suggestions for suitable avatars/tags for anyone who selects: “Personal Choice: Ignoring all Official Recommendations” !!!

Be sensible, people!


Thanks. There are still people out there who don’t care or think it’s all baloney.
#StayHomeSaveLives / sheild the most vulnerable!

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We’ve had a few folks asking about how to set up SMS via Gov.Notify, so we’ve created a feature note document on how to do just that!
You can find it here
Cheers, Tony

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Just an update on my previous comment. The team, fuelled by coca cola and pizza, have powered on through and added support for inbound as well as outbound SMS via Gov.Notify.

This would support a number of use-cases; asking for confirmation people are ok, requesting stock status for a particular medicine, conducting quick citizen/staff surveys, the list goes on.
Good work guys!
Cheers, Tony