Validation on editable list

Hi All,

I’m stuck at a validation I need to do on an editable list. So I have three columns (File, File Type, Description) and I need to validate on the click of the submit button that the list should have at least one row with a specific file type.

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Hi @Vishal.SIngh
I’m sorry we don’t have an answer for you yet. Our propeller heads are all busy. I will make sure you get an answer tomorrow.
Cheers, Tony

Hi Vishal, my name is Mark and I am a PSD here at Netcall. I will take a look at you issue. Can I ask a favour please? Could you email me on with some details and context and I will advise you accordingly.

Cheers - MP

Sure. I will email you the details.
Thank you.

Hey Mark , I’m not sure if you are receiving my emails.

Hi Vishal, so if I understand you correctly you are wishing to create child records against a case, within an editable listing widget. Is the “File Type” field a Choice data type?

Say for example your choices are “Image” “PDF” and “CSV”, do you want the Submit button to not be available unless, for example, at least one type “PDF” has been included amongst the child records?

Regards - Mark

Hi Mark ,

Yes - thats correct .File type is a choice data type.

OK, I’m just looking at a way to do this out of the box. I’m sure I have done exactly this on a project in the past. I will get back to you in a while. Just to reiterate, if you created 3 child records and, for example, one of them HAD to be type “Image”, you want to disable the ability to Submit the Case record until at least one child record of type “Image” has been included. Is that correct?

Regards - MP

Yes - the idea is to disable (not hide) / restrict the user from submitting and showing suitable validation messasge.

OK, I understand, it is as I assumed. I’m actually looking at this now. I will reply as soon as I have the best solution for you.

Regards - MP

Hi Vishal, just a quick update. One of our Senior Developers has contacted me suggesting an approach he is investigating and I am looking at a different approach based on something I have built in the past. Obviously this is not a quick exercise, but rest assured we are actively looking at a solution for you and will report back as soon as we have the best solution for you.

Regards - MP