Verification of Bank Accounts

Morning all,

I have a customer who is interested to know if anyone has built a way of verifying bank account details via the Liberty Create platform please? Or, used the API to link into software that does this?

If you have done this and are happy to have a conversation, please let me know.

Many thanks


Amy Clifton
Netcall Customer Success Manager

Afternoon Amy,

There are a number of such platforms available and what is required depends on the nature of the bank details that need to be verified.

Bank Account Details distinct from Credit Cards need an API service to truly verify, however simple checks could be done based on string length and formatting for account codes and sort codes on entry.

Credit Card numbers could be verified to a broader extent using the Luhn Algorithm within the interface using a fragment validator.

This would give a basic check that the number was valid, however third party services would be needed for anything further.

Thanks Adam, I’ll pass this along.

Just be certain it is bank details (e.g. account/sort) they are wanting to verify, and not credit card details (which should not be collected or stored).

To be clear I am enquiring if anyone has automated the verification of Bank Account information via an API to be used for automated Direct Debit

@bob.twells thanks but it definitely bank account verification not credit card processing