Voice form 'tagging'

Hi, we have a dialogue that has a couple of voice forms, both with different questions, that are delivered to the same mailbox.
Is there any way of ‘tagging’ the voice form so that staff know which voice form has been submitted? For example, we have a voice form for voting registration and another for Postal Voting registration. At present, staff don’t know which voice form has been used and have to know the questions that have been answered to determine which one it is.
Hope this makes sense! Thanks in advance.

Hi Ross. Not in a voiceform block, no. Do these get emailed? It may be that you can do this another way. For example, breaking down the voiceform into different questions and block types and sending these as an email. This may also help cut down on the time it takes an agent to listen and transcribe the message.

Would you be willing to share an example of your voiceform? If not, you can email me direct and then we can take a look.

Kind Regards.

Jonathan Redsell