Voicemail feature - more info

is there a way to set up a voicemail on a specific number, for callers to leave a message and potentially go into a queue to be called back by an agent?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Katie, the best way to do this would be to offer them a CallBack. Are you looking to do this out of hours? If so, you can create a CallBack Queue for OOH and then in your dialogue offer them the option via a menu block, and then use a transfer block to go to your CallBack queue.

Alternatively, you could use voice form to take the details and then send this to a mailbox, that emails out the wav file for someone to pick up, listen to and then call them back. This option is ok but is resource heavy on your staff.

Let me know the context you are looking to achieve, and we can work out the best way forward.

Many thanks.


Hi @JonathanRedsell thank you for your response :slight_smile:

Its a new service, a new museum within our LA, they do not have capacity to have staff available for telephone calls constantly, so have requested an IVR, most options just giving information then hanging up, but one option for callers to recieve a call back. I think a callback queue would work well actually - it then keeps the contact within converse for reporting etc. Is there any way of changing what the customer hears when they are offered a callback? at the moment it mentions the line being busy press for a callback.

Depends on what you want to do and how you want to offer callbacks. If in queue (using Liberty Converse Contact Centre) you have the same options as normal.

Using a Dialogue, you can check the queue using query blocks and logic blocks and then offer using your own words - however that doesn’t then Transend to the caller once they have been passed to the queue as it is then the queue that does the CallBack offer.