Wanting to build a fully customisation management reporting page


I want to build a costume management reporting page that allows a manager to chose a selection of data and charts then download a PDF document showing the chosen charts and data.

Now I can see that there is a option to download a PDF in the page basics tab of the build studio, can I put this option in the page so that the manager would be able to do it?

Hi, the option to save a page as PDF is usually on by default on all pages. If you are not seeing it at the top right of the page, then it may have been disabled.

2021-11-19 11_49_21-Admin — Firefox Developer Edition

To enable, find the relevant Interface in Build Studio and edit it, go to the “Header & Footer” tab and look for the “Show PDF print icon” option and ensure it is ticked.

Hi William,

We also have an example app available on the AppShare page which lets the user download a pdf with the reporting data in it.
Please let me know (pm me) if you’d like to have a look and I can talk you through that in a quick session.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for your reply, I found it :slight_smile: