Warning when trying to save flow in controller

Hi all,

I added a new version of one of our flows to the controller today, and ended up getting a warning when I try to save the flow (and also doesn’t let me save the flow).

When I tried setting up a completely new flow, I get the same warning.
Any idea where this could come from?

Thank you and all the best,

Hi Michaela,

This is a new feature we introduced to the Controller to measure whether jobs have been executed within their SLA time range. It looks like the default value which was introduced is outside of the range which it requires and I’ve notified our development team of the issue.

You need to set the Service Level Agreement field to a value between 60 and (large number) of seconds. It’s on the Edit Flow screen right under where you assign bots to your Flow.

In case you need further assistance, feel free to reply to this thread or contact us through support!

Kind regards,

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HI Michaela,

Just wanted to inform you that the default value has been changed for existing Flows and this issue should no longer arise with your other Flows that were created before v22.1!

Thank you for letting us know about this!

Kind regards,