Watch out Wednesday. Here comes 10.3!

Yes, we are pleased to announce the arrival of a healthy, bouncing MATS 10.3. You can find the release notes here!
Just to whet your appetite though, it includes:

  • The introduction of ‘Modules’. For the first time, it’s possible to construct a reusable feature and install it in multiple applications.

  • New ‘Privileges’. Privileges has been added as an extension to Roles for MATS 10.3. It enables the opportunity to restrict what some users within a role can or cannot see within the application, as well as the actions they are able to do. For example, completing or regressing a keystage within a process stage.

  • Snapshots now allows you to fast-track selected changes from the Build environment into production

  • Generic SOAP is a new API adapter enabling connection to any third-party SOAP Endpoint, complimenting the existing Generic REST adapter.

  • Rest Endpoints allow interpretation of incoming API requests that are structured by the third-party
    making the request, as is commonly needed for payment gateway integration

  • Toolbar Icons’ is a new interface element ever-present in the header. They can be used to show users their notifications and have the option to link to a page, another application or a pop-up.

  • The new Field Value History widget provides a convenient way to review all changes to field values.

These are just a few of the headlines. Read the release notes here for more detail. Keep your eyes on the Forum for our MATS experts adding examples of how to use these new features!

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