Web Agent Desktop SCCM Rollout


I am trying to package and deploy Agent Desktop app in SCCM client. I’m getting 0x643(1603) error code in software centre.
Also, I tried manual installation before packaging the application to see its behaviour and noticed install/uninstall string works in cmd but the same string doesn’t work in cmd as admin mode. While running the string in admin mode, it just create the product code key in Registry.

Are there anyone who have deployed the application through SCCM client who would be wiling to share their experiences?


Hi @Ponni.Thomas Unsure what that error means, here are the technical docs relating to rolling out the Agent Desktop app

https://docs.netcall.com/docs/liberty-converse/5.9/technical-information/agent-desktop-app which also includes further advice and guidance on centralising the roll out.

Take a look and let us know if you are still having issues.

Kind Regards.


Hi Jonathan,

I’m still struggling to roll out web agent desktop using SCCM. The uninstall string removes the application from the system ( control panel) but not from the registry and returns error while uninstalling. Also, sometimes it shows the error 0x80070652(-2147023278) while installing/uninstalling and shows the presence of application in Registry but not in installed or available to use. Sometime the installation takes too long and is hanging but the application shows the presence in registry. It shows multiple error and behaviours all the time.

I’m trying to install this for the System and run it as 32-bit process on 64-bit clients. The deployment type is Script installer as I’m trying to copy the WebAgent.settings config file with our server name to the default location C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Netcall\ContactCentre Web Agent.

Please advise.


Also, are there other organisations who have done this who would be wiling to share their experiences?