Websites surveys

Is it possible to embed surveys on to websites? I’ve had a look in the guides and can’t find anything.

Hi Ross, A survey needs to link back to an interaction in Converse so can only be started as a result of clicking into it from an Email reply, from Connect interactions or after a telephone call.

However, that’s not to say we couldn’t make it work direct from a web site and sounds like a nice idea. Could you please log this on the Ideas portal?

Many thanks

Jonathan Gunner

Will do, thanks for the quick response Jonathan!

Hi Ross,
This is a good idea and we’d be interested in finding out more about your use case - would you be able to elaborate on some of the scenarios that you would see this being used for?
When you say embed in a website do you just mean including it in a static page that people can go to and fill in a survey, or would you be interested in offering proactive surveys to visitors when they have performed a particular action on the website?
If/when you add the idea to the ideas portal it would be great if you could include this kind of detail.


Thanks James - I’m going to speak to our web team and we’ll put some ‘requirements’ together and let you know next week.