Welcome to Liberty Controller's 2023.3 release

Hey everyone,

We have some new updates on the Liberty Controller which contain some exciting features and improvements.

Alongside a host of changes, the following major features have been introduced within this release.

  • Security Certificates for custom URLs

The ability to use certificates from your own Certificate Authority, providing you with a higher level of control over the security for your own Controller as you have the ability to choose specific certificates to use. We also bring you the capability to renew the SSL certificates and keys for the application’s custom domain.

  • Sensitive parameters and bot Secrets obscured

Option to obscure sensitive parameters and secrets to prevent the accidental disclosure of sensitive data which can happen during screen sharing and during on the job training.

  • New Two-Factor Authentication application option

We bring to you a new method of accessing the Controller via a two-factor authentication application which can be set up upon creating a new user or editing an existing one.

  • Added RDP settings for Unattended Bots

Users are now able to set RDP settings for Unattended Bots only. A new setting, ‘Run in virtual RDP session’ will be visible on the edit Bots page under the setting, ‘Version’. If enabled, further settings will be displayed to allow for configuration to take place.

Additional technical changes have been made to support Controllers with multiple instances. You can find these in the Liberty Controller 2023.3 release notes

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you

Lisa V