Welcome to Liberty Create's 2023.3 release

Hey everyone,

We would like to introduce you to the new features and improvements from the newest version of Liberty Create 2023.3

Alongside a host of changes, the following major features have been introduced within this release.

  • New external file storage options with Amazon S3 and SharePoint

File Stores is a new feature and page that we have integrated into Liberty Create enabling you to expand the amount of storage within your platform without using up further disk space within Create by utilising Amazon S3 and SharePoint.

  • Extended support for OpenID Connect Protocol

We have now extended support for OpenID Connect Protocol as a SSO Server, enabling you to use it for CitizenHub applications as an authentication mechanism between Create and another OpenID and OAuth2 supporting applications.

  • Graph API integration within Create

Bringing you the ability to utilise and integrate Microsoft’s Graph API Email into your Liberty Create build. This in basic terms means you can set up the Graph API via Azure to automatically import emails from Outlook into your build.

  • Support for the Welsh language

Support has been added for the Welsh language within the interface pages. This support also includes the correct ordering of the Welsh alphabet. In line with advice from the Welsh Government, English letters that are not part of the Welsh alphabet are also included.

You can find other changes by accessing the release notes here.

Any features that have been introduced within this release via ideas from the Community will be prefixed with the image icon.

Thank you

Lisa V

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