Welcome to Liberty RPA’s 2023.3 release

Hey everyone,

We would like to introduce you to the new features and activities from the newest version for Liberty RPA 2023.3

Here is a brief overview of the changes and new added features:

  • Unattended automation in VRDP session

This release includes an upgrade to run unattended automations end-to-end under the virtual remote desktop (VRDP) sessions without any user interaction required.

  • Liberty RPA studio improvements
    • Python code node - a new button ‘Test Code’ is added to the bottom of the python code node to test the code. Additionally, a line number widget is added to the left of the code which helps the user to locate the line of code which is erroring out.
    • Disable node functionality extended to multiple selected nodes - right clicking on one of the multiple selected nodes and selecting ‘Disable’ will now disable all the selected nodes. Additionally, this functionality allows the users to optionally leave the test harnesses in the disabled status within the flows.
    • Set breakpoint to multiple selected nodes - selecting ‘Set breakpoint’ by right clicking on one of the multiple selected nodes will add breakpoints to the all the selected nodes. Extension of ‘Set breakpoint’ functionality allows users to interact with multiple nodes whilst debugging the automation. Allowing to set breakpoints in bulk makes it easier for the users to modify or remove breakpoints by selecting ‘Remove breakpoint’.
    • New help section to open Liberty RPA documentation - users can now click on the ‘Documentation’ button within the RPA studio to open the documentation portal.
    • Duplication of multiple nodes - users can now duplicate multiple nodes by right clicking and selecting ‘Duplicate’ on one of the selected nodes.
    • Auto-complete variable names - New functionality is introduced that allows the users to view the pre-defined return variables in a dropdown to select them.
  • New activities introduced
    • Windows category
      • Copy a file to clipboard - this activity allows users to copy a file to the clipboard on windows OS. This activity is useful for automating data exchanges between applications.
  • Improvements to existing activities
    • Outlook category
      • Download attachments from the email - This activity has been updated to allow the users to download attachments matching by attachment name in case there are multiple attachments in an email.

For the full release notes please access the Liberty RPA documentation tab here

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Thank you

Lisa V