Welcome to the new Local Government section of the Community

As discussed at the recent Community Day we have now introduced this new section specifically for the Liberty Create Local Government users.

We are looking for your ideas on what you would like to see included in this section. Our thoughts as a starter for 10 are:-

  • An area for you to raise requests for new modules. We are very keen to understand what areas you want us to focus on.

  • An area for you to share your best practice process models. You may not want to download a full module and you may just be interested in some best practice information and process models from your peers

  • A Blog area so that we can ask specific question about Local Government policy and legislation changes and the impact on your Create applications - How you might have implemented a change in policy

We are totally open to any suggestions from you, we want this to be your area to help you network specifically with your peers at other Councils to help share knowledge and best practice.