What’s New in Liberty Converse v5.9

Hey everyone,

Welcome to our Liberty Releases section in the forum :slight_smile:

We are excited to announce some new features and improvements to Liberty Converse, Here are the highlights of this update:

Dashboard Changes

You can now monitor your agents’ skills and activities more easily with the Agent Activity Widget. This widget has three new options that let you see the skills assigned to each agent, the skills they are currently using, and the number of interactions they have handled.

You can also customize your dashboard with three new display widgets that add some flair and functionality to your screen. These widgets are:

  • Image : You can upload any image of your choice, such as your logo, to personalise your dashboard.

  • Clock : You can display the current date and/or time in different formats and colours to match your themes.

  • Marquee : You can keep your agents informed by adding a scrolling text message to the dashboard. You can use this widget to announce important news, updates, or reminders.

WFM Changes

We have made some tweaks to the WFM module that will save you some time and clicks when editing shifts. Now, when you edit a shift, you have two options: “Save” or “Save and Publish”. The latter option allows you to publish the shift right away, without having to go back to the main screen and do it separately.

We have also improved the Schedule Day View by adding some sorting and filtering options. You can now sort and filter the agent shift view by various criteria, such as name, skill, status, or start time. This will help you focus on a specific group of agents at any one time.

Other Changes

Agents can now include their reply when downloading the transcript of an email interaction. This will help them keep a record of their communication with customers.

A new configuration has been added that enables switchboard operators to search for directory notes/comments from the directory search field. This will make it easier for them to find relevant information about contacts.

We hope you enjoy these new features and improvements. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please visit our product update page for more information regarding these changes and to see the full release contents.

Thank you,

Lisa V