What’s new in the Academy this month

Hey everyone,

A special delivery from the Academy, with some newly added eLearning courses.

From Liberty Converse we have one new course:

  • Liberty Converse: Quality Management - Agent Evaluation
    This course is designed for users of the Liberty Quality Management Module for Agent Evaluation

One eLearning course available from Patient Hub:

  • Patient Hub: Waiting List Validation
    This course is designed for users who will be responsible for managing or configuring the Patient Hub Waiting List Validation module

And to complete your eLearning, three Liberty Create courses:

  • Generating PDF’s in Liberty Create
    This course covers a couple of examples of how PDF documents can be generated within Liberty Create.

  • Liberty Create Translations, Labels and Locale
    This course is designed for Liberty Create application builders who need to translate their interfaces into multiple languages and change the locale settings for their application.

  • Liberty Create Variables and Global Switches
    This course covers how to create various types of Variables in the platform and how to construct Subsets based on ‘Records’ or ‘Global Switches’ using Variable values.

All of these courses can be found in the Netcall Academy by either selecting Browse all our Courses or the Learning by Solutions option followed by the appropriate solution.

If you have any questions, please leave us a comment!

Thank you
Lisa V :blush: