What3Words Presenter for Liberty Create!

What3words is the easiest way to describe any precise location. It has divided the world into 3m squares and given each one a unique identifier made from three words. You can find more information here. You can find Netcall’s Head office with rang.slap.pump!

Some examples of how people use what3words are:

  • Telling friends exactly where to meet
  • Easily entering a precise destination into a ride-hailing app
  • Giving their precise location over the phone to emergency services

Businesses in travel, mobility and logistics, as well as some emergency response teams, use what3words to operate more efficiently and provide a better service.

This Presenter allows you to display, or update, Latitude&Longitude-based data types as a what3words phrase, as well as on a map or as Latitude&Longitude numbers. It can be used in lists, forms and information boxes (or any other widget that uses Presenters for fields). You can download the Presenter here.

I’ve had a play with this one. Really easy to plumb in. Enjoy!

Cheers, Tony


Quite good timing! We’ve been developing W3W integration too, but haven’t built a presenter.

We’ve built our integration via API objects to provide 2 way conversion using standard elements.

  • Enter a three word address into a text box and it calls W3W to return the coordinates and map link.
  • Set latitude and longitude using a map component and we make a call to return the 3 word address.

We’ll definitely be downloading this one to try and see if we can bolster our UX offering.


Thanks Craig.
Always good to get feedback. Let us know how you get on.

Excellent stuff Craig, perhaps you could show the community when you’ve finished? Amy

Yes please! Perfect for “Report It” interfaces.