Where do I find the Tiles presenter

I am interested in creating a custom presenter for a list edit page element. In the settings, one of the options is a Tiles presenter and this is quite close to what I want, so I wanted to look at the presenter in Code Studio. However, I can’t see that one listed when I go into Code Studio on that host.

The built-in Presenters and Widgets in the Create platform are not built using Code Studio and so are not available there. You will only see Presenters and Widgets you have built yourself, or downloaded from the App Share, within Code Studio.

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Although the built in ones are not available, we do have some useful components available on community that you could use as a reference.

Please find linked a component from a member of my team which gives some useful functionality to extend choice data types, included here is a presentation for tiles.


Hopefully this helps.

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Thanks both! I’ll investigate my options.