Who wants Christmas presents for their Liberty Create?

Santa’s elves have been at it again and they have a trio of Widgets for your Christmas gifts.

You are going to love these!

We already use them extensively in-house.

The first one is an Object Explorer. It allows users to search for data within any object and across their relationship paths.

The second one is a Record Inspector. It allows users to retrieve all the data within a given record and is designed to be used in tandem with the Object Explorer.

In other words, you list the records in an object and then you can just click on the ID to see the fields in the Record!

The third one is dangerous - you have been warned! It is an Object Clean Up tool. You can select any object, or objects, in your Application and delete records! You can delete all of them, or just some based on filters. We found it really useful when we’ve managed to make a loop that creates thousands of unwanted records!

Our thanks to @adam.mills, @phil.alexander and @james.redfern1 for these beautiful gifts.

Enjoy unwrapping these presents and have a wonderful Christmas.

Cheers until 2023, Tony