With which telephony systems can Liberty Converse integrate?

This is a question we are often asked. Liberty Converse is designed to be agnostic of the host telephony infrastructure. This future-proofs the platform for any prospective changes in telephony using standard connectivity protocols. Liberty Converse is accredited to inter-operate with a number of third-party voice platforms including; Mitel, Avaya , Cisco and Skype for Business and is certified for use with all of these. If you have something different then just ask!

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Martin, we are moving our telephony estate to Mitel from and old siemens PBX, i’m under the impression that we wont need our PBX anymore once live on Mitel, what changes if any are you aware that we may need to make on Liberty to ensure a smooth transition?

Rgds, Jason

Hi, your system will support any TDM or SIP connectivity, so it should work fine, we certainly have a lot of Mitel systems running with no issues. We would however recommend you do this in conjunction with Netcall, to help the Mitel engineer setup their end, and of course help test everything.

Thanks @dave.amps i’ll contact the support desk.